Highland Park, MI, High School Concert Choirs, 1954-1969

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    On the following pages you will find photos for the choir for the year indicated. If your choir is not listed, it is probably because I do not have a picture for that year. If you have a picture you think should be included, please send me a good copy. Just click on one of the buttons below and it will take you to the choir you want to see.

Photos of Concert Choirs 1954-1969

button3   1957 Concert Choir
button2   1958 Concert Choir
button4   1959 Concert Choir
button9   1960 Concert Choir
button7   1961 Concert Choir
button16   1962 Concert Choir
button8   1963 Concert Choir
button6   1964 Concert Choir
button10   1965 Concert Choir
button11   1966 Concert Choir
button13   1967 Concert Choir
button14   1968 Concert Choir
button15   1969 Concert Choir

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