Highland Park, MI, High School Concert Choirs, 1954-1969

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     Below you will find a list of notes from individuals who describe their memories of the HPHS Concert Choir. Just click on one of the buttons below.
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Memories of HPHS, MI Concert Choirs, 1954-1969

button9  Cheryl Bristah, '68_ For The Love Of Music
button7  Maryann (Chan) Yew_ '64 Music After HPHS
button6  David J Kerr '63_ Completing The Circle: For Love of Music
button4  JoEllen (Kent) Evans '64_Music After HPHS
button5  A Thank You and Request from Keith Sturdevant
button3  In Memory of Jerry Hassel '67
button3  In Memory of Gretchen Fogel '66
button2  Accolades for Norman A. Gifford
button1  Memory of Gifford's JFK Composition

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