Highland Park, MI, High School Concert Choirs, 1954-1969

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    In the following pages you will learn all about our international debut on the, Canadian National Radio (CBC). This broadcast was the highlight of 2008 for me. Thanks to the CBC, the world was introduced to Highland Park, Michigan and the amazing high school and community college choirs it produced.
   Unfortunately, most of you never heard the broadcast. However, I have now gotten permission from CBC radio to upload the broadcast to our web site. By clicking on the appropriate button below, you can now listen to the segment on your computer. Both your computer and your browser must be able to open an mp3 file (most up-to-date computers and browsers can do this). The segment was taped from the radio so at times you will hear some static. This was an event that all of us, as well as the community of Highland Park, Michigan, can be proud of. I hope you enjoy it.

HPHS's International Radio Debut-Canadian Broadcast Company, 2008

button2  CBC-Letter to CBC Radio, 4/18/08
button3  CBC-Announcement 1, 4/30/08
button4  CBC-Announcement 2, 5/6/08
button5  Click here to hear HPHS on CBC's                Education Day Broadcast, 5/6/08

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