Highland Park, MI, High School Concert Choirs, 1954-1969

    Welcome to the HPHS concert choir web site devoted to the Keith Sturdevant years, 1954-1969.   In this site you will find important announcements and correspondences, photos of our choirs and of individuals, old programs from our concerts, as well as music clips from our 5-CDs. I suggest you start with the announcement section, as it will explain how this project got started.  Did you know that in 2008 we made our international debut on CBC radio, the Canadian Broadcast Company, and that our music is now being housed in libraries across the United States and around the world?   Please send photos, music, programs, memories, comments, etc., to Clifford Larkins.    The four of the five CDs are free to former concert choir member (1954-1969), while they last. Others who are interested in acquiring copies of our CDs, please contact Clifford Larkins about details at the address listed at the bottom of this page. They are sold at cost. The fewer made the more expensive they are. The buttons below will take you to pages full of information, photos, music, and memories of the "Magic Moments" we shared together.   Please enjoy!

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picture of Concert Choir Varsity Letter

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Dr. Clifford Larkins, Ph.D., web site and project manager